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Our Vision

Our Vision is a country where every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation while leading a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity through proper education.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable approaches to tackle the grassroots. Using Child centred strategies, the founder, Buddhika Kandurugamuwa’s aspiration is to break the cycles of poverty by providing basic human needs and right for proper education.

Our Goal

In some of the rural areas and war torn areas in Sri Lanka, most of the school-aged children are not attending schools. They are the most deprived, marginalised and disadvantaged children who are facing extreme poverty and discrimination. Education saves lives, ensures that children gain the skills necessary to learn, provides protection, and builds peace and stability. As the foundation’s core focus we extend our support to the under privileged children in Sri Lanka and Homeless people in UK.

Our Significant Commitments

Education is one area in which Sri Lanka has famously excelled. However, despite these there is evidence that a remarkable proportion of children are not benefiting from a decent, complete education. The children who fail to complete schooling are mainly those from poor and marginalised homes in poor geographical areas, including the rural sector, conflict affected areas, border villages and the estate sector.

Buddika Kadurugamuwa Foundation makes significant commitments to children in these areas. The Founder, Buddhika is a strong believer that education is for all, and her motive is to give a healthy beginning to every child to fulfil their dreams and write their own success stories.

Many children, who were from poor families were deprived of classroom environment or most of them drop out during the lane of education or they were robbed the blessed childhood in order to support their elders for livelihood by helping in the farms or looking after their siblings.

Buddhika believes that these under privilege children can shape their lives if they were properly educated and the Foundation is determined to ensure that every child, in any part of Sri Lanka, gets a quality education and opportunity to fulfil their lives with self-reliance and dignity and thus put a full stop to the cycle of poverty that these families are going through.
“Buddika Kadurugamuwa Foundation” is an independent charity established decade ago with the aim of upholding children’s’ lives. We lend our helping hand for them to fulfil their potential by focusing on most deprived and marginalized children first.

Letter which received from
the children at school dated May 2015

The special guest from army, and other army officers, the principal, teachers, parents and my dear students first of all I would like to convey my heartfelt greetings to all of you.
As we all know this school (school name) is the main source which fulfills the primary students’ schooling need in our rural village. Presently, students from grade 1-5 are studying at this school. Although this school provides its services for a long time, after the re emigration in 2009, we faced so many difficulties without proper infrastructure facilities at the school, it also effects the quality of service of school.

Considering these kind of barriers, to enhance the schooling facility one of great personalities from army donated his own money to build these valuable building which we are currently standing in. I am sure today we are getting a quality education from this school because of this valuable gift. This is really helpful for us to conduct our day to day schooling activities in satisfied manner.

Hence, on behalf of all the students of this school I thank, that army officer and his family from my bottom of heart for these precious help to our school, and we never forget this support until our last breath. In future also we highly need this kind of support to develop our school; if you are willing to do it would be highly helpful to get best service from this school.

Once again I thank to the army officer and his family and I promise we always keep the gratitude on this valuable service, with that I stop my wordings/speech.

Thank you for the opportunity.



Letter which received from
I.G. Sandamini


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