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“Buddika Kadurugamuwa Foundation” is a non – profit making, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of poverty and hunger of children living in war affected areas of Sri Lanka. The Charity works closely with underserved communities investing long term in the lives of women, men, girls and boys to ensure that they have control of their futures.

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Today is an unprofitable day for Nilusha Wimalasinghe who is a resident of the drought striken village of Bisobandara which is located in the Kaudulla Electorate in Medirigiriya.

පිරිසක් සතුටු වෙනවිට පිරිසක් සුසුම් හෙළන කාල වකවානුවක යුද්ධයක් දිනුවෙ කව්ද ?පරාජය වුනේ කව්ද? යන්න අවුරුදු අටක් ගිහිල්ලත් මතක් කරමින් කාවවත් රිදවනවට වඩා හැකි පමණින් මිනිස් සිත් සුවපත් කිරීම වඩා

“Buddika Kadurugamuwa Foundation” is an independent charity established decade ago with the aim of upholding children’s lives. We lend our helping hand for them to fulfil their potential by focusing on most deprived and marginalized children first.

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